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Gemstone is a cluster of poems designed to encourage, enlighten, inspire, and comfort.

Gemstone is mainly based on the author’s belief and deep trust in the Word of God, especially when it comes to the power of friendship and love. Someone from his church commented, “Your poems are always great messages written artistically.” Another one stated, “Your poems are very spiritual in context, and I know that is not an error.” Some of the poems are the result of observation; others are the product of counseling with people facing stressful moments in their lives. Although at times a poem can transpire a gamut of human feelings and emotions when a heart is faced with the ups and downs of life, it can shine some rays of hope on us in the end. A leap of faith always transcends fear and doubt.

Gemstone’s variety and composition is a delight, and its musicality is appealing to the ears. Overall, Gemstone offers good thoughts for meditation, and it is an inspiration for a better tomorrow.

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