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The Power of Forgiveness

You poke me once; you hurt me twice

I looked at you and said nothing;

Maybe was it coincidence 

Or yet simple inadvertence 

Then as if it was a fun game

You could not stop doing the same

To a kind heart rightly in pain.

More than once to you I complained

But to hurt me over again 

It seems like you have no refrain.

Anger and wrath under my skin

Several times tempted have I been

To learn to play your wicked game

And burn you at my raging flame!

My heart no longer was at rest

A storm was raging in my chest

My hands often now in a fist

My clenched teeth making me a beast

I was ready to be like you

And let now my adrenal glands

Take the matter at their own hands!

Then when I was bleeding the most

I realized what had almost

Taken away my inner peace

When I heard the sweet Holy Ghost

Whisper in a still and small voice,

“Always remember it’s your choice

To always forgive and forget….

Just like He did at Golgotha

Demonstrating on that dark day

The sheer power of forgiveness.”

That whisper did not come in vain

As my composure I regained;

My heart found back its nice tempo

As anger and wrath it let go.

I will not sink in bitterness 

As I ignore your wickedness.

You may hurt me as much you want

It is now quite irrelevant:

I’ve learned to use with humbleness 

The sheer power of forgiveness.

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