Melody For Claire


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Melody For Claire is a song from the heart—a song from the heart of the author for his beloved wife of thirty-five years while she copes with both cancer and a brain injury, which has affected, in part, her memory and some of her cognitive functions. It’s a display of faith and hope, the celebration of a profound love that binds two hearts who have discovered each other and have learned to synchronize their heartbeats in a magnificent harmony. Many will easily relate to My Claire Melody or The Ariane’s Thread. Others will find themselves in Douce Lumière or Symbiose.

Melody For Claire is unique, different as it presents two components—half in English and the other half in French, the romantic language. It is introduced by a prelude, The Price You Pay For Love, a poem that has been dedicated to the late Queen of England, her Majesty Elizabeth II, at the passing of her husband. Once you read Melody For Claire, the expressions “for better or for worse”, “in sickness as in health” will take on new meaning for you. Let this special song find a loving niche in your heart.

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